It Sends Pests Packing!

Three simple ingredients combine forces to


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Unique blending of three plant-based ingredients

GARLIC and HABANERO PEPPERS* create a scent that keeps pests from approaching your plants. If any pests aren't deterred by the scent, they will hate the taste of Anti-Pest-O and leave! Azadirachtin, the active ingredient found in NEEM TREE SEEDS, is a natural reproductive inhibitor that's been used for centuries in pest management.

Repels nature’s predators without harming beneficial insects

Products that kill the predators feeding on your plants may harm the bees that pollinate your flowers or the ladybugs that feed on unwelcome pests. You want and need the many beneficial insects that help make your garden a success. Anti-Pest-O's unique formula repels predators but does not kill beneficial insects!

Protective barrier that pests find unpleasant to smell or taste

Our unique formula repels nature's predators without harming beneficial insects. Anti-Pest-O forms a protective barrier that pests find unpleasant to smell or taste. Shown to be highly effective with aphids, whiteflies, Japanese beetles, spider mites, thrips, ants and many more. Anti-Pest-O protects houseplants too!